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2022 Midterm Landscape & Legal Weed

Episode Summary

Our new poll may say a lot about this fall's midterm Congressional elections but is it all good news for the GOP? New Jersey is the latest state to let people buy marijuana in stores and the move to legalize weed has broad public support, yet there's little chance the Feds will do the same. And, are you Team Snoopy or Team Garfield?

Episode Notes

Our brand-new NPR/PBS NewsHour Poll asked Americans to rate Republicans and Democrats on a wide array of key issues. The results provide deeper insight into how voters may choose their local candidates in November's midterm elections. Pluralities view the GOP as more equipped to deal with big issues such as the economy and crime while Democrats are favored on issues like climate change and abortion that, historically, have been less of a factor in election outcomes. We explore whether the past will be prologue this time around.

New Jersey has joined the growing list of U.S. states legalizing marijuana. And, it turns out, a surprising number of Americans of every stripe support the idea. So this begs the question, why is buying or using weed still a Federal crime and why are the odds of changing that so slim?

Finally, Mary Griffith helps Lee get through this week's fun fact. It turns out, cartoon pets are not his expertise.