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A Deeper Dive into Our Data

Episode Summary

We're coming back for a second look at the data from our recent poll with NPR & the PBS NewsHour about what's uniting and dividing Americans. Then, we take a look at what Americans have thought about past eclipses and how that compared with this week's event. We finish with a million-dollar question. Literally!

Episode Notes

Last episode, we dug into the results of our latest poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour, but we didn't get to a bunch of questions we think are really interesting. So, we're going back for more and digging deeper.

Next, did you go out to watch the eclipse? Turns out a lot of Americans did but what did our producers find when they went searching for polling data on past eclipses. We were VERY surprised.

Finally, this week's fun fact asks a question that had us trotting out our very best Austin Powers impressions.