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A Very Meta Podcast About...Podcasts

Episode Summary

Our latest poll covers Biden, Trump, and their legal battles. Is there a false equivalency? What do Americans think? Are podcasts becoming major media? Not quite, but they are growing rapidly. And, more people are going to them for news. But... can we trust our fellow podcasters for reliable information? Finally, we end with a fall-themed fun fact about everyone's favorite fall flavor...

Episode Notes

Our new poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour is out and the data covers how Americans feel about the Republican candidates, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and the legal battles of both. The results show Americans making an interesting comparison.

Then, a silly question considering you're reading this: Are you a fan of podcasts? More and more Americans are but, with their success, comes a common modern media problem: misinformation. Melissa Kiesche from Edison Research helps us answer if we can trust podcasts like the one you're listening to now!

And, we finish with the fun fact that is perfectly suited for the season.