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Abortion Rights After Roe

Episode Summary

The leak of a draft opinion suggests a majority of the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade soon. Does decades of polling on the topic show Americans support this? And, what are the political implications, not just in 2022 but beyond, if the Court rules states can end legal abortion as they see fit?

Episode Notes

Earlier this week, a draft opinion overturning the Supreme Court's landmark Roe vs Wade ruling leaked. While only a draft, it was reported a majority of justices have signed on to overturn Roe and allow the states to make their own laws about abortion -- including banning or criminalizing it. At least 20 states are ready to severely restrict or ban abortion immediately or soon after any ruling. But, is this what a majority of Americans support? 

We're looking at both the straightforward poll questions, such as "Do you think the Supreme Court should overturn Roe?," as well as far more nuanced questions about various limitations put on abortion in many states. The issue is NOT, and has never been, black and white.

Then, there's the politics. Abortion has been a potent get-out-the-vote issue for Republicans but not so for Democrats. If Roe is overturned, will that change? The midterms are only a few months away and campaigns are already scrambling to address abortion. Plus, several traditional swing states have divided governments -- Democratic governors and Republican legislatures. The battles there this fall could be highly influenced by an end to Roe. We're looking at that as well.