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American Pessimism and Permanent Daylight Savings

Episode Summary

Americans are growing slightly more pessimistic with economic concerns front and center in our new America Now: National Outlook Index. And, a majority agree Daylight Saving Time should stick around, just like the Senate recently unanimously voted. Our fun fact this week is straight out of a dream!...if you can remember it.

Episode Notes

Our latest America Now: National Outlook Index is out, and it shows Americans have turned slightly more pessimistic about the US with the index at 6.4. The biggest factor is concern about the economy, with the economic index at 5.4. Other parts of the index are fairly steady, and we discuss how the index is reflecting the mood of the country.

Congress seems to finally agree on something! The Senate unanimously passed a bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent. But, do Americans agree? We look into what Americans see as the benefits and the dangers of this change.

Have you ever woken up from an amazing dream, but just can't seem to remember it? This week's fun fact shows you may not be alone.

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