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Americans' Economic Concerns & Women's Sports

Episode Summary

Our new NPR/Marist Poll digs into the top economic concerns of Americans and how the Build Back Better bill may - or may not - impact Joe Biden's falling approval ratings. Then, we talk with the Director of the Center for Sports Communication at Marist College to look at our recent poll on women’s sports.

Episode Notes

This week, we released an all new NPR/Marist Poll survey all about the economy and what most concerns Americans about it. Then, we shift gears to the Build Back Better plan. It passed the House but faces a tougher road in the Senate. We look at what polling says about how popular the contents of BBB are and how it could change Americans' perceptions of the President.

Next, we are joined by Jane McManus, the director of the Center for Sports Communication at Marist College, to look at our recent poll about women's sports. There are some surprising findings about how much coverage sports fans think women's sports deserve. See more of her thoughts on this issue on Deadspin.

Finally, how do you plan to shop this holiday season? Online or in person? That's the fun fact.

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