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Are We Cell Phone Addicts?

Episode Summary

With Election Day closing fast, we take a close look at our new polls in battleground states Ohio and North Carolina. Then, data shows nearly every American has a cell phone and most of those are smartphones. Are we addicted? And Lee's fun fact is all about the season...literally!

Episode Notes

We've been polling key states since Labor Day and this week we released new numbers from Ohio and North Carolina. Both feature retiring GOP Senators, meaning open seats with no incumbents. Democrats are hoping to grab one or both to add to their bare-minimum majority while Republicans want to keep them in their column. Ohio shows a notable increase in the top concern of voters... what has changed since our last report? In North Carolina, the race is close as a surprising number of voters still don't have an opinion of either major candidate.

Next up, some call them smartphones, others, "adult pacifiers." We're joined by Shiri Melumad (@ShiriM528), Assistant Professor of Marketing and Wolpow Family Faculty Scholar at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (https://marketing.wharton.upenn.edu/profile/_whrtn71/ ), who gives us an insight into the world's attachment to smartphones. Are phones bad? Good? Both? Neither? And, should we differentiate between the content we see and the actual phone itself?

Finally, a seasonal Fun Fact. We pulled up a 1960 poll to see what time of year people enjoyed the most, and, let's just say, we don't really agree with most in that survey.