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Bellwether New York & A Thing Called "Singleism"

Episode Summary

An odd late-August election date in New York gave Democrats new hope for the midterms thanks to surging voter energy. Is that the whole story? Then, the social stigma against staying single past "marrying age" still exists and some call it Singleism. What does the data show? Finally we end the show with a perfect end-of-summer segment on ice cream flavors around the world.

Episode Notes

The conventional wisdom in politics all year has been Republicans will win back the House and maybe the Senate on the wings of Joe Biden's low approval ratings and the economy's high inflation rate. But, ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, that narrative has been suffering. On Tuesday, New York voters chipped away further. We look deep into contests right in Marist's backyard to see what the results really say about the November midterms.

Next, we welcome author and U.C. Santa Barbara lecturer Bella DePaulo (@belladepaulo) who coined the term "Singleism" more than a decade ago. Now it's in the dictionary. She explains how society and the law discriminate against single people -- single women especially -- and why some studies about how staying single is hazardous to your health are bunk.

Then, we return to the subject of last episode's Fun Fact -- ice cream. Why? Do we really need a reason? This time, we're looking at a bunch of data from the U.S. and the world to see what flavors are the biggest faves. And make sure to stay to the end to hear about the weirdest flavor Jay has ever had. Hopefully it won't "bug" you too much...