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Biden Approval Slides on Afghanistan Pullout

Episode Summary

Americans largely approve of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal but don’t much like how Biden handled it. And, even as Biden’s approval on handling COVID drops, vaccinations are going up and most vaccinated Americans say they’re ready for a booster. Plus, how the Census defines “white” could change how we poll.

Episode Notes

Despite broad public support for leaving Afghanistan to Afghanis, Americans are not pleased with how the troop withdrawal happened. Biden’s overall approval rating has slid to a new low in a new NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist Poll, at least in part, as a result.

Even approval of Biden’s handling of the pandemic has dropped a bit, despite the number of “vaccine refusers” declining and most vaccinated Americans telling us they’ll take a booster shot, according to another new Marist/NPR/PBS Newshour Poll.

NPR Correspondent, Hansi Lo Wang joins Poll Hub this week to talk about new Census data that’s gotten a lot of attention – the apparent big decline in the number of white Americans since the 2010 Census. But his reporting shows it’s not that simple. How the Census classifies “whiteness” and how Americans answer race questions has changed. That has potentially large implications for a lot of us, especially those of us who poll for a living.

Last but never least, Lee’s fun fact! How does Labor Day make you feel?

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