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Biden, Trump, 2024, and Challenges for Women in Politics

Episode Summary

Our latest NPR/PBS NewHour poll is out and we're breaking down the data on Biden, Trump, social media regulations, and Ukraine. Then, USA Today's Susan Page joins to talk about challenges women face in politics. Numbers show more women are in office, but have things really gotten better? And, we finish with a fun fact that will leave you debating your... forever flavor?

Episode Notes

Our latest national poll is out and we are giving an inside scoop on the numbers. Biden and Trump's approval ratings are showing notable trends. As the tech industry faces scrutiny in the Supreme Court, our data reveals what Americans think the government should do when it comes to regulation. And, we asked about American support for Ukraine in a way that tells a different story from some in the media.

Next, we welcome Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief of USA Today (@susanpage) to discuss how CNN's Don Lemon's critiques of Nikki Haley have re-sparked the long, ongoing conversation about how women are treated in politics. The number of women in Congress is going up, but is this really proof of progress? Certainly Lemon isn't the first or last to criticize female candidates based on their gender, but does the reaction to it indicate things are getting better?

And finally, have you ever thought about your forever flavor? We are with this week's fun fact.