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Biden's Best Week & Distrust in the Media

Episode Summary

So, is President Biden getting stuff done after all? It's been a busy week for Biden, but is it enough to change what Americans think of him? Then, American distrust of the media. It's not what it appears -- it just depends on how you ask the question. Finally, Lee's Fun Fact looks at something that you have hopefully been using all summer: sunscreen!

Episode Notes

Over the last ten days, President Biden has been busy signing huge bills, killing terrorists, and getting some good economic news. Great, right? But, with approval rating still in the dumps and prices still running high, is it too little, too late to help Democrats in November?

Next, Americans just don't like or trust the "media." But, as our guest Marist College journalism professor and author of @provokingpress Kevin Lerner (@klerner) explains, that's not the case when you ask Americans about the media they follow.

Finally, Lee's Fun Fact looks at sunscreen use among Americans over the past decade. If you're like most people, you may wear more sunscreen on these bright summer days than you did in the past.