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Biden’s Stimulus Programs & Ranked Choice Voting

Episode Summary

The team breaks down the latest NPR/Marist Poll survey which is all about Biden and his economic proposals — what do Americans think? Then we look at the future of Ranked Choice Voting heading into a new election year.

Episode Notes

The latest NPR/Marist Poll survey is all about Biden and his economic plans. The team breaks down how Americans feel about everything from the stimulus checks to the Build Back Better bill to the recently signed bipartisan infrastructure law. Many Americans believe that these programs will help in many ways — except when it comes to their #1 economic concern — inflation.

Next, we are joined by special guest Deb Otis (@debtheotis), Senior Research Analyst in the Government Affairs Department at Fair Vote, a non-profit that promotes ranked choice voting (RCV). This past summer RCV faced its biggest test in the US when New York City’s municipal elections used it. So, what worked, what didn't, and where does RCV go from here?

Finally, it's the holiday season so we’re looking at holiday spending for Lee’s fun fact. We look at 2 polls, a little more than 10 years apart to see just how much Americans spend each holiday season and spoiler: it's a lot.