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Campaigning on Crime

Episode Summary

Biden's Approval Rating is on the rise, but is it too late to help his fellow Dems in the midterms? Then, fearmongering versus fact. Republicans are making crime their main issue down the homestretch to November but do crime stats and the polls make this a smart play? Finally, it's our habit to end the show with one of Lee's Fun Facts, and that's exactly what we're talking about this week -- habits. Bad ones...

Episode Notes

Our latest national poll with NPR has good news for Democrats...and Republicans with roughly four weeks to the midterms. For instance, Joe Biden's approval rating keeps trending up but Republicans are more enthusiastic to vote. And then there's this: We asked if people thought their favored candidate should concede if he/she/they lost the election. We dig into all the results.

Next, crime has been a long-time GOP campaign issue and why not? Over many decades, more voters see Republicans as better able to handle it than Democrats. But, will it work this time around or will it be trumped by other issues important to swing voters such as abortion?

And, for Lee's Fun Fact, the team discloses their own bad habits as we talk about Americans' most likely guilty pleasures engaged in when no one else is around.