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Census Miscounts & Trump's Bad Primary Night

Episode Summary

The Census Bureau has said it undercounted or overcounted the number of people in 14 states, including some big ones like Texas and New York. What does that mean for all the users of census data -- such as pollsters? Plus, what Trump's very bad awful primary election night says about his hold over the GOP.

Episode Notes

Every ten years, the U.S. Census aims to make a count of every American, but in 2020, that job was harder than ever, only partly because of the pandemic. Earlier this year, the Bureau announced it had likely undercounted the number of non-whites across the country. Now, it says it also undercounted and overcounted people in 14 states -- in some cases by seemingly large amounts. How will this impact the users of census data, including government agencies, non-profits, and pollsters? NPR's Hansi Lo Wang joins the discussion to walk us through it all.

Then, we're looking at the GOP primary results in Georgia where two candidates Trump vehemently and actively opposed -- Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensburger -- won big over Trump's handpicked competitors. Coupled with mixed results for Trump earlier this cycle, does it show the GOP is less Trump's party than the party of Trumpism?

Finally, based on all the bring-back-the-dinos-from-their-DNA movies, you may be surprised at the #1 pick when people are asked which extinct species they'd like to bring back. Spoiler: T-Rex may be big in Hollywood, but not many people want him/her/them in their backyard.