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Crime Concerns & Baseball Bummers

Episode Summary

With Americans growing more concerned about crime, the political parties are framing the issue in very different ways. What will stick? Baseball got a late start this year thanks to a labor dispute between the players and the team owners. Will it matter to fans as the season wears on? Finally, we're "left" with an intriguing fun fact.

Episode Notes

A new Gallup poll shows that for the first time since 2016, Americans are worried "a great deal" about crime. Republicans say crime is flourishing in Democrat-led cities, but the stats say otherwise: The states with the highest murder rates voted for Donald Trump in 2020. Still, crime overall is still on the rise and Democrats recognize the political peril it provides. What do polls say about how big a deal it could be in the 2022 midterms?

Baseball fans were forced to wait a week for opening day due to the labor battle between the players and the team owners. Let's just say polls show the fans aren't happy about this. But is that really the biggest problem baseball faces?

It is hard to be left-handed in a world designed for right-handed people, or is it? We have one lefty on our team who wants to be heard -- and he's raising his (left) hand.