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Culture Shock: Gallup's Take on the New Workplace

Episode Summary

This week, we get a sneak peek at a new book from the team at Gallup. Culture Shock looks at the post-pandemic work world through the lens of data. Then, the team dives into a new Washington Post/ABC News poll that shows Biden is trailing behind both Trump and DeSantis. Is this the case or is there more to this story? This week's fun fact gives appreciation to Mother's Day. Sorry, dad!

Episode Notes

A new book called Culture Shock explores how the pandemic affected the workplace and offers data-backed solutions to employers grappling with the new normal: Workers reluctant to come back to office full-time and employers desperate to fill those desks. Gallup's Jim Harter and Jim Clifton wrote the book and Harter joins us to discuss.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows Biden with a new low in support that lags behind both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. There has been a lot of coverage around this poll. People say it's an outlier, plain inaccurate, or that the journalists are incorrect about it. We break down the facts.

Last but not least, we have a fun fact pitting Mother's Day and Father's Day against each other.