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Dating Apps & Gen Z: No Honeymoon?

Episode Summary

Are online dating sites and apps really popular or effective? We look at the data and how the latest generation's dating habits might surprise you. Then, Narcan is a life-saving tool in the face of a growing drug epidemic. It has widespread support, so why has the whole issue dropped out of the headlines? And finally, the groundhog predicted an early spring and this week's fun fact is hoping he's right! What's the best thing about spring?

Episode Notes

Online dating has been around for nearly 30 years, but what is it like today? We're looking at data showing how, who, and why Americans are online dating. Are there plenty of fish in the online sea?

Next, the opioid crisis has nearly vanished from the headlines, but it's deadlier than ever. One solution is the life-saving drug Narcan that can stop overdoses, and Americans support making it widely available. So why isn't it?

We finish we our fun fact: As the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and allergy season kicks off, what is your favorite things about spring? This week's fun fact is getting ready to give winter the boot!