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Democracy in Tennessee & Is Chat GPT Fibbing?

Episode Summary

What do Americans think about Tennessee Republicans kicking out two Black Democrats from the state legislature? Then, ChatGPT is pretty miraculous but it also seems to be pretty "creative" -- as in making stuff up. Finally, we look at America's favorite sport in 1937 and then in 2021. Is it the same?

Episode Notes

On April 6th, Tennessee House members Justin Pearson and Justin Jones -- who are Black and Democrats -- were expelled from the chamber by a supermajority of Republicans ostensibly for violating "decorum" by protesting on the floor of the legislature. They, along with a white Democrat who was not expelled, were protesting the Republican push to make it easier for Tennesseans to get guns in the wake of the mass shooting at a school in Nashville. Did that action go too far, even for Republicans?

Next, ChatGPT is a new Artificial Intelligence program sweeping the nation, but is it as smart as the hype says it is? Turns out, at least in some cases, ChatGPT is making stuff up! And, in one case, it made up poll results so...we have some thoughts about that.

Finally, we end this episode with our fun fact. Lee's gonna love this one. What's America's favorite sport? We're finding out!