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Different Health Care Experiences for Men and Women

Episode Summary

Women say they have sometimes very different experiences from men when they get medical care and this may impact health outcomes. Then, what's your age? What the calendar says or what your brain and body tell you? Some surprising findings on age. And right on time, a Fun Fact about America's favorite excuse to be Irish: St. Patrick's Day!

Episode Notes

A recent report from KFF found a discrepancy between the experiences men and women have when visiting the doctor or accessing medical care in other ways. A new KFF survey found women say they face a lot of dismissiveness and dehumanization and a Danish study from 2019 shows doctors diagnose illnesses in women later than men. Are they connected?

Next up, that old saying “you’re only as old as you feel” is apparently pretty accurate – but also leads to a really interesting question -- “so, how old do you think you are versus what’s on your driver's license?” We’re bringing in a range of ages to talk over a new study about that subject.

And, we end with a hearty: Erin go Bragh! Lee’s Fun Fact is all about the day we’re all a bit Irish – St. Patty’s Day! How do you celebrate?