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Does "Don't Say Gay" Threaten LGBTQ Gains?

Episode Summary

With other states quickly looking to replicate Florida's newly enacted "Don't Say Gay" law, we're talking to Harvard's Michael Bronski about what this might mean for LGBTQ rights in general. Then, are parents with school kids the big "get" in the 2022 midterms? Polls show somewhat confusing evidence so we're dissecting them. Finally, as we start the baseball season, this week's fun fact is all about baseball...in 1943!

Episode Notes

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed into law the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill which bans some classroom discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity. But, is this what Americans want? Harvard University professor Michael Bronski (@MichaelBronski) joins us to discuss the new law, recent polls, and to give his perspective about what may really be going on with this law and others like it.

Then, parents are allegedly angry with the treatment of their kids' education during the pandemic and there's some polling to back that up. But, jumping to the conclusion that this may benefit Republicans in the 2022 midterms is not necessarily supported by the evidence. Our resident parent expert (and parent...and Executive Producer) Mary Griffith joins to discuss.

Finally, just in time for the boys of spring returning, Lee's fun fact is all about baseball in another era.