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Economy Disconnect: Are We Maxed Out?

Episode Summary

The data doesn't lie. The US economy is historically good but a lot of Americans aren't buying it. Could increasing credit card debt help explain the disconnect? Then, women have come a long way in closing the pay gap with men but not so much when it comes to doing the work of running a home. What's up with that? And, we finish with the sweetest, most delicious fun fact of all...according to Barbara!

Episode Notes

Nearly every piece of economic data says the same thing: The US is enjoying one of the strongest economies in our history. So, why do a majority of Americans think we're in a recession? There are a lot of theories about where this disconnect comes from, but here's a thought: Maybe so many of us maxing out our credit cards has something to do with it.

Next, nearly every piece of data also shows that, while married women have nearly closed the earnings gap, they're still getting the short end of the stick in other ways. Plus, what's happening in same-sex marriages?

Finally, for this week's fun fact, we're getting the good stuff. Just in time for the summer heat.