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Elon's Twitter and Graduation Debts

Episode Summary

Elon Musk may be buying Twitter for $44 billion and says he wants more free speech on the platform. This leaves many asking the question, what will this mean for Twitter's future? It's college graduation season and most college seniors will be leaving with loan debts. With Biden expected to announce his plan for debt relief in the coming weeks, the team looks into how Americans feel about it and how students are reacting to debt. To the theme of college graduation, our fun fact is about just that!

Episode Notes

Elon Musk wants Twitter and, should the deal to sell it to him for $44 billion close, he's going to get it. But, then what? He says he wants more free speech on Twitter and recently said Donald Trump's lifetime ban should be lifted. Would Marjorie Taylor Greene or Steve Bannon be next? And does Musk's free speech mean propaganda and lies or harassment and threats?

Then, it's college graduation season! Congrats to all the grads but, also, good luck: Most students today will be graduating with loan debts. While President Biden is expected to announce in coming weeks that the government will forgive at least $10,000 in debt for people making less than $125,000, there are still plenty of people who will be paying back loans for decades. We're digging into the debt question and how Americans think it should be solved.

Finally, sticking with the graduation theme, our fun fact is about just that. But to really change it up, we found a poll from 1938!