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Family Dinners Matter

Episode Summary

Do you eat dinner as a family? Based on the evidence, you probably should for your health. Next, there's been a lot of talk about the state of mental health among Gen Z but how does it compare with the rest of America's adults? Finally, in honor of our fun fact host's recent birthday, we are breaking down the art of giving a gift.

Episode Notes

Can eating dinner as a family make your life better? Data shows families ARE still eating together despite decades of changes in technology (TV, smartphones) and that it could be improving health.

Then, we are looking into the mental health crisis among Gen Z. Most experts say it's real but we're looking at whether it's just Gen Z that's in a funk -- or is the problem more widespread.

And, we end with Lee's fun fact that is well timed for his recent birthday (which he treats like a national holiday). Think of it as a gift to you, our listeners. And, think of that as a clue!