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Georgia + Ohio Battleground Polls

Episode Summary

The Georgia and Ohio poll results are in and we take a look at who's ahead and who's neck and neck. Then, Stacey Vanek Smith joins to explore what we found in our poll of American family finances and the workplace. Finally, the high price of ___ in 1951 seems both quaint and totally current.

Episode Notes

Our first election season polls of battleground states start in Georgia and Ohio where marquee Senate races are very close but the contests for governor in both states are less so. We look deep into the numbers to explain what's going on and what to watch for in the final seven weeks of the campaign.

Next, American families are cutting back on spending...and commitment. Our latest poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour shows a tough time for family finances but a great labor market. NPR's Global Economics Correspondent, Stacey Vanek Smith (@svaneksmith) joins to discuss what our results might mean and what she heard from some of the people we polled and she called.

We finish with this week's fun fact which comes from the distant past (well it was Lee's birth year so not THAT distant). We thought the answer to a 1951 poll question was so interesting that we'd ask it again in 2022. More then seventy years later, the answer is both very different and oddly similar.