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Getting Granular With Climate Change Public Opinion

Episode Summary

There’s been a lot of polling of Americans’ opinions about nearly every aspect of climate change but a new tool developed at Yale is providing new insights. The Yale Climate Opinion Maps show opinions on a range of questions from the national all the way down to the county level. Also, our America Now Index is back. We explain what’s changed and what the latest numbers say about how Americans are feeling about the state of the nation.

Episode Notes

This week we’re exploring a new tool that shows what Americans think about global warming in a very different way. Dr. Jennifer Marlon joins us to talk about how the Yale Climate Opinion Maps were created and how useful they are. It turns out that looking at opinion in this new way may help us better understand climate change.

Next, our America Now Index is back and better than ever! The ANI is now quarterly and we explain the motivations behind the change. Then we look at the brand new Index numbers to see how Americans are feeling about economics, health, community, and society and government.

Then a very topical Fun Fact from Lee. If you could quit your job right now... what would you do? This week's Fun Fact looks at what people want to do with their free time.

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