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Gun Deal & Jan. 6 Hearings: What the Polls Say

Episode Summary

Weeks after the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, we take a closer look at our recent polling data on guns with CNN and Atlantic contributor Ron Brownstein. Then, Ron helps us answer the question, "Will the January 6th hearings make any difference to most Americans?" Finally, Ron goes Hollywood with his new book on the intersection of pop culture and politics in 70s L.A.

Episode Notes

With the possibility of a bi-partisan deal in the Senate to pass the first new gun legislation in a quarter century, we ask special guest Ron Brownstein, why now? As Senior Editor at The Atlantic and Senior Political Analyst at CNN, Brownstein has a special knack for looking at polling data and finding things other reporters miss. In this episode, he explains what he's found and how it is, at least, partially responsible for the movement after so many years.

Ron sticks around to help us understand how the January 6th Hearings are playing. We're taking a look at recent polling, the ratings, and how it's all being covered in the media. Will the hearings, no matter how compelling the evidence presented that Donald Trump effectively led an attempted coup, change any minds or make any difference in the November midterms? Lee and Ron compare notes on that one.

Finally, we figured since we had him on the show, we might as well go all-Brownstein and talk to Ron about his new New York Times bestseller, Rock Me on the Water: 1974-The Year Los Angeles Transformed Movies, Music, Television, and Politics. It's all about how the pop culture of 1970s L.A. both predicted, and beat, the political movements of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Plus, there's a fun story about the Beatles missing a big gig.