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Have We Legalized Weed Too Soon?

Episode Summary

Have states moved too far too fast on legalized marijuana? New health research is getting people to ask the question. Next, does Gen Z have it tougher than their parents? We convened a panel of Gen Z students (well, ok, our three student producers) to discuss. And, we finish the way every meal should. With ice cream in our fun fact segment!

Episode Notes

While marijuana is still federally illegal, it's legal in nearly every state for recreational or medical use -- or both. But new health studies raise the question, have states moved too far, too fast? We look at both public opinion data showing a lightning-fast change in public opinion and scientific research showing pot may not be as benign as many think.

Then, our star team of student producers come to the other side of the microphone to talk about something they know much better than the regular geezer hosts: Does Gen Z face a tougher life ahead than their parents have? Athen, Eve, and Emily tell us how new polling data on that very question squares with their own experiences.

Finally, the whole gang joins for a fun fact about the one thing everybody -- well - all but 7% in one poll - loves. Ice cream!!