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Episode Summary

On the first Poll Hub of 2023, we recorded as late in the week as possible to give Republicans time to choose a Speaker, but to no avail. We’re looking at what this week’s chaos may herald for Republicans and Democrats down the line based on what Americans told us in our December poll. Then, CNN’s Polling Punster Ariel Edwards-Levy joins to discuss a recent New York Times article that has a lot of pollsters – including us – pretty worked up. Why? Stick with us to find out – AND to find out that a Fun Fact question from 1957 can be very misleading, if you don’t read it carefully.

Episode Notes

The first week of 2023 has brought a historic spectacle to Congress.

Republicans eked out the majority in the House in the midterm elections but can't agree on a Speaker. Whatever eventually happens, what will it mean for how the House operates (or doesn't) over the next two years? How about for Republican and Democratic changes in 2024? We look at our recent polling data to see what Americans think of Congress and what they expect of this already dysfunctional 118th Congress.

Then, CNN's Polling & Analytics Editor, Ariel Edwards-Levy (@AEdwardsLevy) joins us to talk about a recent high-profile New York Times article that has raised a fair amount of ire among pollsters. What's the problem? We're talking aggregators, polling methods, responsible journalism, and taking responsibility. Heavy stuff!

We end in 1957 with a Gallup Poll that asked a question that needs to be read carefully, lest the answers give the wrong impression.