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Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Episode Summary

President Biden delivered his State of the Union and many in the political media declared it a big success for him in this election year. But, it didn't seem to change the polls...and that's not a surprise. Then, we're looking at data that shows hybrid work is here to stay and at least some of that has to do with worker satisfaction. And, we finish with a hearty Erin Go Bragh! The fun fact uncovers if St. Patty's Day is really a holiday in the minds of most Americans.

Episode Notes

History shows the State of the Union address rarely provides presidents with a lasting bounce in the polls so, while Joe Biden may have been hoping for one after his widely praised speech, that it didn't happen is not a surprise. It's also not a surprise that the coverage around it and the cringey GOP response from Alabama Sen. Katie Britt fit the new normal: political journalism as sports coverage.

Next up, with the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, office life for white collar workers has changed. While work from home has been scaled way back, most workers are not in the office 5 days a week and they like it that way. But, is it good for careers, companies, or workers?

Finally, as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we dig up a poll from 1994 that shows a majority of Americans just aren't that green.