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Is Every Day Casual Friday?

Episode Summary

Workwear was becoming more casual before the pandemic, but now? Are the suit and tie historical objects? Then, what does friendship mean to Americans? Apparently, a lot more than some research has suggested. Finally, this week's fun fact put movie fanatics to a bizarre test: Bond vs. Disney.

Episode Notes

Has the pandemic changed office attire for good? Data shows that dressing for the workplace has gotten much more casual, but not for everyone. There are gender and generational gaps. But, the business suit is, for all intents and purposes, mainly gone.

Then, do Americans value friendship? For several decades, some research has shown we've been steadily losing our social connections, but a new Pew Poll suggests something different. Most of us have a LOT of "close" friends.

And, we finish with a very odd question about the movies. It pits Disney against 007. Lee has a great explanation for the seemingly strange results.