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Is Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change? American Opinions

Episode Summary

With a year of extreme weather events in the U.S. capped by the deadly rare December tornadoes in Kentucky, we look at whether Americans link these with climate change. Then, gig work was big before the pandemic, but what happens to it after? Finally, we're checking in on New Year’s resolutions.

Episode Notes

It was only days ago that a series of tornadoes ripped across Kentucky destroying houses, towns, and lives. With extreme weather events on the rise, we wanted to see what Americans think about this "new normal" and how much they connect these historic weather outbreaks with climate change.

Gig work has been all the buzz for about a decade but what will happen to its popularity once the pandemic ends? No one is certain what any type of work will look like but gig, or contract work, certainly seems likely to stay. Still, a surprisingly few Americans are full-time gig workers.

Finally, it's that time of year again. Time to make your New Year's resolution... or not? We look to see just how many Americans will be taking part in the age old tradition of a resolution.