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Is Gen Z Really All That Different from Boomers?

Episode Summary

Our latest poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour has Biden slowly regaining some support but there's a lot more to the data than that headline. Then, there's evidence Gen Z may be very different from Boomers as they age. Philip Bump joins to looks at this theory from a data perspective. Finally, did "Jurassic Park" confuse how we think about dinosaurs?

Episode Notes

What do Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and single use plastics have in common? They're all part of our latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll and we're diving deep into the data to explain some surprising results.

Next, could Gen Z stay politically liberal as they age? The Washington Post's Philip Bump is our guest to help us dig into this theory. Gen Z is the biggest generation since the Boomers but, at least right now, they are displaying some very different behaviors from those of the generation now passing the torch.

And, our fun fact goes back millions (many millions) of years. Are we misremembering history due to a popular franchise movie? This week's fun fact tests our dinosaur knowledge.