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Jobs vs. Inflation & Title IX at 50

Episode Summary

The jobs picture in America is pretty close to the best ever but Americans are unhappy about the economy because of inflation. Why are they focused on the bad news and not the good? And, Title IX's 50th anniversary led us to poll on what people think of the landmark law today.

Episode Notes

For Poll Hub's 250th episode, we’re talking jobs and inflation – how come Americans seem to care only about the one that’s bad right now? 

Then, we dig into results from our brand-new poll in conjunction with the Center for Sports Communication here at Marist College as we approach the 50th anniversary of Title IX. What do Americans think now about the impact of that landmark legislation that, among other things, changed women’s sports forever?

Finally, if you could travel anywhere in the US to eat, where would you go? We’re time-traveling to see what Americans said back in the 50s. You may be surprised at what cities made the list.