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Mainstreaming Racism & Abortion Ruling Fallout

Episode Summary

The mass shooting in Buffalo has put a spotlight on the racist "Great Replacement Theory" and how it has become mainstreamed in parts of the GOP. We look at how many Americans think it's true. Then, our brand-new poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour has new data on what Americans think about the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade – including what they think of the Court itself and how it might impact the midterm elections in November. And, it’s almost time for summer vacations – where do you want to go?

Episode Notes

As with most American mass shootings, there's been a lot of talk about America's obsession with guns following the killing of 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo. But, in this case, the alleged shooter left a racist manifesto that repeatedly referenced themes of something called the Great Replacement Theory. That theory posits government leaders and elites are purposely encouraging immigration and an increase in non-white birth rates in order to "replace" whites for the purposes of gaining political power. We look a recent polling that shows a significant chunk of Republicans believe this idea -- as do a perhaps surprising number of Democrats.

Later, we go deep into the data of our brand-new poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour. We asked Americans about abortion rights and restrictions in light of the potential ruling from the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade. This follows our long history of asking much more granular questions about abortion than just pro-life/pro-choice. There's movement in those numbers plus there's a fallout for faith in the Court itself. Plus, there are indications abortion may be a more salient election issue than in the past.

Then, Lee's Fun Fact asks which state you'd most like to vacation in -- other than your own. The top 5 is not unexpected but 11 other states have a dubious distinction....