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More Immigration Could Solve Two Giant Problems

Episode Summary

President Biden wants to create a green economy, but with Trump's cuts to legal immigration and Americans' disapproval of illegal immigration, there may not be enough workers to pull it off. Then, increased immigration could help solve another looming problem -- Social Security's insolvency. With so few workers and so many more retirees than in the past, there won't be enough money to go around in about a decade. Why aren't Americans more worried? Finally, we end with possibly the weirdest fun fact ever. Could you beat a rat in a fight? How about a grizzly bear?

Episode Notes

Joe Biden has signed huge new programs to keep the American economy growing while also making it greener but there's a big problem -- there aren't enough workers to do it all. During the Trump Administration, legal immigration dropped substantially, and it hasn't rebounded much under Biden. Americans generally support legal immigration but are against illegal immigration. Is that distinction lost in the political crosstalk?

Next, the team looks at the other side of the coin. With a lack of immigration and a workforce, how will Social Security continue to function? Americans seem to support and not worry about Social Security, but all signs point to it being in trouble.

Finally, have we got a fun fact for you. We are looking at Brits vs. Americans. Who can fight more animals... or at least believes they can?