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No College and No Recycling?!

Episode Summary

Pandemic fallout: More young people are choosing not to go to college and that could be a big problem for them -- and the economy. Then, what happens to all that stuff you're recycling? Data shows it might not go where you expect. Finally, school's almost out so we head back to 1949 for a question about...summer school!

Episode Notes

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, data shows more young people are choosing to skip college. High tuition costs and a very strong job market are partly driving this but, if it continues, will those who passed on college suffer over the long term? And, how can the economy deal with fewer skilled workers?

Next, how much do you recycle? Polls show Americans are very pro-recycling and many of us do our part. But we look at data showing a lot of recycling might be going in the garbage.

Finally, with graduation season upon us and the last day of school approaching, we found a Fun Fact from 1949 that asked Americans their thoughts about how students could spend their summers more "productively"...