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Our AI Future

Episode Summary

In the excitement over developing AI to do so much for us, have we already gone too far in creating something we can't handle? Then, driverless cars are real and running in a few cities, but do people trust them? And, should they? Finally, we end with a fun fact that's right on theme. What did people at the dawn of the computer age think about the future of tech?

Episode Notes

AI now has the ability to write convincing spam emails, mimic human voices, create false images and even videos. Have we entered a scary science fiction movie come to life?

Next, autonomous vehicles -- think driverless taxis -- are becoming more common in some cities, but do Americans really trust them? Timothy B. Lee from the Understanding AI newsletter joins us to discuss the implications of AI in vehicles.

And, we finish with the week's fun fact jumping back in time to see what people of the 60s thought about changes in technology. Were they scared or excited for the future we're now living in?