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Out With the Old (Congress), In With the New

Episode Summary

Starting in the new year, Republicans will control the House as we enter another period of divided government. We look at what Americans told us they expect in our new poll and we go deep with veteran Congressional reporter David Lightman to get a better understanding of what's REALLY likely to happen -- or not -- over the next two years. Plus, a seasonal holiday Fun Fact that spans the globe!

Episode Notes

As 2022 winds down, Washington will see big changes as a new Congress will be seated in a few weeks – with a big difference over the current one – Republicans will control the House. What do Americans expect from this arrangement? Our poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour indicates there's little hope for much accomplishment and Americans broadly agree on something else: our democracy is seriously threatened.

Then we welcome McClatchy's veteran Congressional reporter David Lightman to get a deeper understanding about what’s likely coming. What will the divided government Americans voted for in November do – especially with 2024 already on the horizon and a potential Trump-Biden rematch sucking up all the oxygen in the room. 

And, we’re wrapping with a seasonal Fun Fact with polls from opposite sides of the globe. Ho ho ho! Let’s go!