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Public Opinion vs. Facts & New 2030 Census Demographics

Episode Summary

Why do so many Americans believe one thing, when the data says the opposite? This week, we dive into American dissonance on Joe Biden and the economy. Then, NPR's Hansi Lo Wang joins to discuss potential new demographic questions for the 2030 Census. What would this mean for pollsters...and everyone else? Finally, are you Team Valentine's Day or Team Super Bowl?

Episode Notes

Data shows Americans have been especially pessimistic lately when it comes to President Biden and the state of the economy. However, numbers show the economy is about as good as it's ever been and it's just fact that Biden has accomplished more in his first two years (whether you like what he's done or not) than nearly any other president in history. So what's behind this giant disconnect? We look at political science, public opinion science, and journalism to find some answers.

Then, it's on to potential demographic changes in the 2030 Census. NPR correspondent Hansi Lo Wang @hansilowang walks us through the proposed changes and then helps us understand what they could mean for the Census, pollsters like us, and all the industries that rely on polling data.

And, just in time for Super Bowl weekend AND Valentine's Day, a survey question of critical importance: Do Americans have a greater love of love or a love of sports? We have new data from our latest Marist Poll plus a surprising trend in the answer.