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Rank Choice Voting: The Time is Now?

Episode Summary

How will the chaotic House Speaker election impact the 2024 campaign? We have new poll data about what Americans think. Then, we're revisiting rank choice voting after it had a big impact on Alaska's 2022 elections. What's next for the new style of voting? And...what's on America's walkman? In this week's fun fact from 1990, we find out!

Episode Notes

The recent Speaker of the House election ended with Kevin McCarthy winning (barely) and with Americans having little confidence Congress will accomplish anything in the next two years. Americans hope their representatives work with Biden, but do not seem optimistic. It comes as the Biden Administration resets for both a divided government and an expected re-election campaign. How will the mess in the House influence the 2024 race?

Then, we get into rank choice voting. After its Broadway debut in the New York City mayoral elections in 2021, it played a starring role in the Alaska elections in which a Democrat beat two Republicans – including Sarah Palin – to become the state’s lone House member. There are at least 27 bills being introduced across the country to use RCV. Has its time finally arrived? 

We finish with Lee's Fun Fact from 1990 looking at what music Americans were listening to...and we have some issues with how the survey was written.