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Republican Turmoil & Childcare Costs

Episode Summary

Are big rifts forming in the GOP following the FBI search on Donald Trump's Florida home? There are mixed signals. How much are child care costs and availability in the U.S. impacting the economy? Maybe more than you think, especially post-pandemic, and particularly among working moms. Finally, as summer winds down, we're talking ice cream! This week's Fun Fact goes back to 1989 for a poll on ice cream stores.

Episode Notes

The GOP is churning. The FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago sent some Republicans into an anti-government, "defund the FBI" tizzy, while others pushed back on jumping to conclusions. But, there's no denying Trump is still popular among Republican voters and most of the candidates he has endorsed this year call the 2020 election fraudulent or stolen…and have kept winning. 

Then, a lack of child care impacts working mothers. Our guest Taylor Orth (@Taylor_Orth) helps us take a deep dive into the world of child care with insight as a data journalist and survey researcher for @YouGovAmerica. How much does child care cost and who's bearing the brunt of the work in our two-income economy?

Finally, take a trip to your local ice cream shop before summer ends. For this week's Fun Fact, we head back to 1989 and beat the heat with an ice cream cone.