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Revisiting the Tipping Point

Episode Summary

We're going deep into the data from our new poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour, looking at attitudes about the Middle East and Ukraine wars, government shutdowns, and why our political system is broken. Then, we're revisiting a segment from earlier this year on tipping. There's new data out, so we're taking a second look. Finally, this week's fun fact will have you thinking about your animal potential.

Episode Notes

What's behind the interesting numbers we found on a growing isolationism in light of wars in Israel and Ukraine? We explore that, what Americans think of using government shutdowns as political weapons, and a growing belief that politicians -- not the system -- that's the problem with our politics.

Next we head back to a segment from a February episode about what, at the time, seemed like a new reality of out-of-control tipping. New data has been released and we're revisiting the topic of tipping.

And we finish with a fun fact that explores reincarnation! What animal would you want to be?