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Sandy Hook 10 Years On

Episode Summary

Ten years ago, the school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut seemed like it might be the final straw for advocates of stronger gun regulations. But, since then, very little has changed in public opinion...or policy. Then, older Americans retired in big numbers during the pandemic, reversing a decades-long trend of later retirements. Many economists argue they need to come back to work. And, speaking of retirement...extinction is the ultimate retirement. What extinct species would you bring back?

Episode Notes

The 10th anniversary of the horrific mass school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut is on December 14th, 2022. The people of the town have noted prior anniversaries quietly and that’s expected again. But 10 years on, we wanted to see what – if anything – had changed: in policy, in public opinion, in the number of additional shootings.

Then, the pandemic sparked a mass early retirement party for older Americans and that could be very problematic – maybe not for them but certainly for everyone else. We’ll explain.

And, we end with...a very final end...extinction. It’s a poll question we would have never thought to ask. Intrigued?