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School Crisis? Americans AND Teachers Agree

Episode Summary

There's been a lot of buzz about our latest poll along with a couple of others that show Biden's chances in November are better than before. So, we're explaining what we found. Then, are teachers in America getting the short end of the stick, or is the education system as a whole going downhill? Or both? We're digging into new data about the state of schooling in America. And, we end in the past for our fun fact. Which decade was the best to live through?

Episode Notes

Our latest poll got plenty of attention in part because other polls released at the same time all show the same thing. Biden is doing better than he was just a month ago and there are several key reasons why. We look into our data to explain what we think is happening.

Next, we're exploring new survey results that show Americans are pretty displeased with the state of our public education system AND that teachers are pretty displeased with their jobs. They say they're not appreciated, overworked, and underpaid.

And, our fun fact asks a question that may not be providing the most accurate answers. Is the decade you think was best determined by your age at the time?