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SCOTUS, the Debate, and What Changes

Episode Summary

Biden's debate performance was bad and the Supreme Court made an historic ruling benefiting Donald Trump. So, does anything change? Then, plenty of people say they love the American flag but does that mean they're also patriotic? And, speaking of the flag, what do you call it? Its many nicknames may surprise you!

Episode Notes

How will the Supreme Court's historic ruling on Presidential immunity from criminal prosecution impact the race for the White House? And, how with the historically bad debate between Biden and Trump impact the election? We're looking at the early polls and exploring whether ANYTHING will change what people think of these two historically unpopular candidates.

Then, as we celebrate Independence Day, we're looking at how Americans think about patriotism and the flag. And...no surprise...it's complicated by partisan differences.

Finally, do you know how many nicknames there are for the American flag? This week's fun fact looks at the fan favorite!