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Seniors Get More Tech Savvy in the Pandemic

Episode Summary

Congress isn't popular but its approval rating has been cut in half in roughly one year. Who's driving the downward trend? Then, S. Jay Olshansky joins to dig into new studies about seniors and tech -- and how the pandemic may have permanently altered the relationship. A lot has changed since 1937, especially how often people read a daily newspaper.

Episode Notes

Congress has been unpopular among Americans for a long time, and the current approval rating of 18% isn't anywhere near the historic low. But, it's half what it was a year ago and one group is most responsible for the decline. Who are they and why are they losing the love?

Then, we're looking at the relationship between the elderly and tech. S. Jay Olshansky, Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, joins to discuss new studies that show adults 65 and older have a strong desire to use technology but lack the know-how to do so. Yet, thanks to the pandemic, that's changing fast.

Our fun fact this week is all about the daily newspaper, and it's so good, we went back to 1937 just to find it!

See S. Jay Olshansky's work here: http://www.sjayolshansky.com/sjo/Background.html or twitter @sjayolshansky.


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