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Spoiler Alert! RFK Jr. Could Upend 2024

Episode Summary

RFK Jr. might not win the 2024 presidential election, but could he sway it to one candidate? We are looking at our latest poll addressing this issue and the history behind third parties in elections. What are your chances of winning the lottery? We are breaking down the odds and looking at why that big jackpot might not be your friend. And finally, what's your peanut butter preference?

Episode Notes

Third party candidates have a mixed history of swaying elections towards one candidate over another. Ross Perot and Jill Stein are fairly recent examples of candidates who may have swung elections but is RFK Jr. in their league? Our new polling with NPR and the PBS NewsHour suggests he might be, but not necessarily in the way you might think.

Then, luck of the lotto has a strong appeal for many Americans, especially with the proliferation of billion-dollar jackpots. How have we gone from no state lotteries in 1973 to massive multi-state games 50 years later? And, what's the difference between what Americans say they would do if they won, and what happens to many actual winners?

This week's fun fact debates an American staple... peanut butter!