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Strikes, Unions, and America's Relationship with Substances

Episode Summary

Unions are striking and Americans are...historically pretty supportive. Then, new research shows a striking divide based on age over the relative safety of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana -- along with some big shifts overall, over time. Finally, we end with a related fun fact asking when people had their first alcoholic drink. Will these 1957 results hold up?

Episode Notes

First, writers and actors walked out in Hollywood and now auto workers are picketing car factories. The companies involved have noted how much these strikes cost Americans in terms of missing entertainment and potentially higher car prices, but a majority of Americans appear to be on the side of the strikers. Maybe more so now than at any time in past half-century.

Then, new research shows there are big generational divides over the perception of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. Not surprising, perhaps, but some of the details are.

And we end with a fun fact from the same universe: At what age did high schoolers have their first alcoholic drink back 1957? We get into a side discussion on what "have" means!