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Student Loan Forgiveness and Sex Work (Not related!)

Episode Summary

Will student loans be forgiven? How do Americans feel about this political football and the tough position some students are being put in by the chaos. How is sex work changing and how are people's opinions on the highly scrutinized field evolving? We're looking at a topic that's taboo for many to even discuss. Finally, we have an extra fun, fun fact about vegetarians and vegans.

Episode Notes

Joe Biden ran on a platform of dealing with the huge burden of student debt that impacts tens of millions of Americans -- many in their 30s and 40s. But now that the courts have killed his cancellation plan, will the administration's latest plan for trying to limit the damage so much debt is doing to families and the economy as a whole, actually work? And where do Americans land on these questions?

Then, a subject that's little discussed but is as old as time. Sex work. Technology has dramatically changed some things about sex work -- but not others. Dr. Samantha Majic from the John Jay Scholl of Criminal Justice and Dr. Melissa Hope Ditmore join us to discuss what's happening.

Finally, we are ending off on a meatless note. Our fun fact looks at vegans and vegetarians, are they going out of style?