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Teen Girls' Mental Health and a New Perspective on Nepotism

Episode Summary

This week on Poll Hub, Dr. Nicholas Allen joins to discuss new and concerning data showing that teenage girls' mental health is in a steep decline. Then, is America running on nepotism? We discuss new polling on nepotism that may surprise you. We finish off with this week's fun fact about America's favorite coffee...location.

Episode Notes

There's new CDC data showing a concerning trend in teenage girls' mental health. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness for teenage girls are much higher than for boys and the gap is widening. Guest Dr. Nicholas Allen @Prof_Nick_Allen breaks down how the pandemic and social media may have played a role in this, and how we turn a corner.

Society often has a negative connotation of nepotism as seen in a recent poll, especially when it comes to politics. However, data shows Americans' feelings about it in their own lives is quite different.

Finally, we get to this week's fun fact which all coffee lovers will want to hear. We're looking at 1949 and 2021 to see how America's coffee habits have changed. Do we go out more or have we become at home baristas?